Commercial photography portraits of kids by New York commercial photographer Keith Barraclough.  Each photo shoot is a collaborative process between photographer and subject, resulting in portraits that reflect the subject’s personality and style. Each kid brings their own clothes and props that exemplify their interests, styles, and personalities.
The ScientistThe Messy BakerAmerican GirlIcon and SuperheroThe PilotThe Green ThumbThe FlorestHermione Saves WaldoEnvironmentalist / MotorcrossEat Your VeggiesThe SurferChocolate MilkThe PrincessThe Mud RunnerThe ArtistScience FictionThe MusiciansTomboy / Ballerina The DancerThe ConductorThe SistersThe Sibling Food FightThe ArtistArt CanvasThe PainterITGood Girl / Bad GirlPencils and Spagetti