I’ve always loved diners, but never more so than after moving to New York City.  I seek them out whenever we hit the road north to New England or down south to Savannah several times a year. 

Diners are a slice of Americana and they offer comfort both in the meal and the appreciation of the simple things in life: the daily rituals and comfort of coffee, home-style meals, local faces, stories and community.  Authentic diners are few and far between these days but happily, New England’s general stores, and the south’s low-country local dive bars and eateries help fill that void.

The Coffee Shop Bar, New York CityGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontDiner: Claremont, New HampshireDiner - New JerseySan FranciscoBistro - La Tourelle, Ithica, NYWatkins Grill: Raleigh, NCGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontLittle Goat: Chicago, ILBubby: Tribecca, New York CityThe Kitchen: Denver, COGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontLori's Diner: San Francisco, CAThe Milkstand - Ithica, NYLittle Goat: Chicago, ILBalthazar: New York CityGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontBalthazar: New York CityGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontThe Farmer's Diner: Quechee, VermontThe Farmer's Diner: Quechee, VermontGrafton Inn: Grafton, VTDiner: Georgetown, Washington, DCWashington, DCJerry's Diner: New York CityBlueberries: Woodstock, VermontGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontDiner: Washington, DCBoat: Brooklyn NY