Portraits of animals by New York Commercial Photographer Keith Barraclough.  Keith has photographed animals and other creatures for numerous advertising and editorial campaigns for Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl and a variety of Discovery Channel campaigns.

KumaKumaKumaPuppy Bowl VIXBloodhound for Investigation DiscoveryBloodhound for Investigation DiscoveryPuppy Bowl XIIIAnimal Planet:  AKC Advertising CampaignBlack Lab: Dutch Island, GAPuppy Bowl XIII: Geico CampaignPuppy Bowl XIII: Geico CampaignLifestyle: English FoxhoundsGerman Shorthaired PointerPointerGordon SetterOn the MarshKuma: Dutch Island, GAKuma: Dutch Island, GAOn the Marsh:  Dutch Island, GAOn the Marsh - SavannahAnimal Planet's Puppy Bowl XVPersonality Portrait: Puppy Bowl XVAnimal PlanetAnimal PlanetPortrait of a Black LabHunting in SavannahLifestyle: Hunting - Dutch Island, GAAnimal PlanetOuttake - Puppy Bowl XIVOuttake - Puppy Bowl XIVPuppy Bowl XIVAnimal PlanetTwo black labsSlothSlothSlothPigletsPiglet - Animal PlanetBloodhound: Investigation DiscoveryBloodhound: Investigation DiscoveryDoberman PinscherMastiffCesky TerrierKomondorLhasa ApsoBlue Kerry TerrierBassett HoundSussex SpanielChowChowField SpanielSoft Coated Wheaten TerrierEnglish SetterFrench BulldogOtterhoundCane CorsosCat BreedsCat BreedsCat BreedsKaitlyn and RaptureCrescent Beach State Park, Maine