Active and fitness lifestyle portraits by New York Commercial photographer Keith Barraclough.  The premier New York commercial advertising and editorial portrait photographer.  Keith is one of New York's premier lifestyle portrait photographers specializing in studio and environmental portraits of people, athletes, celebrities, executives and animals for advertising, editorial and corporate clients around the world. Fitness: Running in SoHoFitness: Health and Well-BeingFitness - Savannah, GALifestyle: Kayaking - Dutch Island, GABoxer Michael HughesJeanine BartelJeanine BartelLex DaemonLex DaemonLex DaemonBoxer Sydney RoseBoxer Sydney RoseBoxer Sydney RoseFitness: Renee MyersLizAllergic Living MagazineAllergic Living MagazineActress and Boxer Brandi WilsonActress and Boxer Brandi WilsonFitness: Renee MyersFitness PortraitPhysical Fitness:  Savannah, GAVenus BeachAthlete: Barefoot Runner Kristen KlienAthlete: Barefoot Runner Kristen KlienLifestyle: English FoxhoundsFox Hunting - VirginiaFox Hunt - VirginiaFox Hunting - VirginiaFox Hunt - Virginia