Portraits of actors, celebrities, and sports figures by Keith Barraclough, one of New York's premier portrait photographers.  Keith Barraclough is a New York commercial photographer specializing in portraits for commercial advertising, editorial and corporate agencies across the United States and worldwide. Based in New York City, Keith works with agencies and Fortune 500 companies from around the world capturing compelling commercial studio and environmental portraits of everyday people, executives, celebrities, kids and animals. Horror Movie Directors Emily Bennett and Justin BrooksActor/Director Emily Bennett Director Justin BrooksAnnaleigh AshfordAnnaleigh AshfordActor / Director: Jayce BartokActor / Director Jayce BartokTony ShalhoubTony ShalhoubJ. Smith-CameronJ. Smith-CameronAustin Pendleton and Maggie GyllenhaalJustin Brooks:  Rooftop, SoHo, NYCEmily Bennett: Director / ProducerActor Brandi Nicole WilsonActor Brandi Nicole WilsonActor Brandi Nicole WilsonSarah SnookSarah SnookSarah SnookLuke KirbyKatrina LenkKatrina LenkRobin de JesusComedienne Michelle ButeauComedienne Michelle ButeauComedienne Michelle ButeauWriter/Director Zach WigonMary Wiseman - Star Trek: DiscoveryJackson Gallaxy - Animal Planet's "My Cat from Hell"Stephen CurryDorothy Hamill:  Olympic ChampionRussell ToveySantino FontanaHelene YorkeHelene Yorke and Annaleigh AshfordAnnaleigh Ashford