Portraits of animals for advertising and editorial campaigns as well as from personal work.  Keith is one of New York's best animal portrait photographers specializing in studio and environmental portraits of animals for advertising and editorial clients around the world.

PigletsSlothPuppy Bowl VIXBTS at Puppy BowlPuppy BowlPortrait of a Black LabHunting Dog: Dutch Island, GAHunting Dog: Dutch Island, GALifestyle: Hunting - Dutch Island, GAAnimal PlanetOuttake - Puppy Bowl XIVAnimal PlanetOuttake - Puppy Bowl XIVAnimal PlanetPuppy Bowl XIVAnimal PlanetSumatran porcupinePiglet - Animal PlanetDucklings for Animal PlanetSlothSlothTwo black labsBloodhound: Investigation DiscoveryBloodhound: Investigation DiscoveryGerman Shorthaired PointerDoberman PinscherPointerMastiffCesky TerrierGordon SetterKomondorAnimal Planet - AKC Advertisement Poster CampaignLhasa ApsoBlue Kerry TerrierBassett HoundSussex SpanielChowChowField SpanielSoft Coated Wheaten TerrierEnglish SetterFrench BulldogOtterhoundCane CorsosCat BreedsCat BreedsCat Breeds