Interviews for The Redhead Project Virtual Edition.  Redheads who have been photographed by New York Portrait Photographer Keith Barraclough are interviewed about their experiences and thoughts on the virtual shooting process. Kimberley combines Lucy, Shakespeare and Muay Thai into her photoshootFind out why Brady loves everything blueThe year of Heather doing anything she wants.  Hear her storyHear why Alaina keeps coming back for more photoshootsInterview with Actress Taylor FosterFind out why Arianna loves VW Buses and Scooby DooListen to Wade's storyboard idea and the surprising ending.Courtenay's love of style and fashion leads her to Plates & PatinasHow did Harper's love of dance and the beach inspire this photo shoot?Discover Logan's story of The Old Man Cooking ShowHear Olivia's love of BOHO, paint, cupcakes and dance.We speak with Sam on his love for driveway artFind out why Avelyn loves Galaxy - both the stars and colorHear how Abby's love of dance inspires herInterview with Finance Executive and REIKI Master Alecia WellenInterview with Sports Anchor and News Reporter Peri SheininBehind-the-Scenes View of a Virtual Shoot With Lindsay Deibler