Details of diners and restaurants taken during Keith's travels throughout the United States.  Keith is a New York portrait photographer specializing in creating compelling portraits of people, athletes, celebrities, executives and animals for advertising, editorial and corporate clients around the world. Diner in Washington, DCThe Coffee Shop Bar, New York CityNew York City DetailsLittle Goat in ChicagoJerry's Diner, New York CityDiner: Claremont, New HampshireMilk Delivery - Sheffield, EnglandGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontDiner in Washington, DCThe Farmer's Diner in Quechee, VermontThe Farmer's Diner in Quechee, VermontLori's Diner: San Francisco, CAGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontLittle Goat in ChicagoBalthazar, New York CityDiner in Washington, DCBalthazar, New York CityGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontGeneral Store: Barnard, VermontWatkins Grill, Raleigh, NCWatkins Grill, Raleigh, NCBlueberries - Woodstock, VermontBubby: 24 hour diner in New York City